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WorldStar Venue Case - "Luck.CP”

Date:2019-04-21 02:28:38 click:1105

"Luck.CP”, 2,000 square meters in the 6,000 square meters venue is a trampoline area! All kinds of trampolines are available! Completely subvert your previous knowledge of the trampoline.

Down to 5 years old, up to 50 years old can play!

There are more than 20 kinds of expansion projects in the room, such as high-altitude platform, aerial trapeze, plum pile, rock climbing, high-altitude expansion and other projects.

Outreach training aims to challenge and overcome self and enhance team awareness for teamwork.

Each pillar of the plum pile has different heights and tests balance and speed. In this level, the more hesitating, the harder it is to reach the end, and the process of quick and decisive advancement will be smoother.

The free trampoline area is a free-flying area with a stylish and stylish American trampoline and thoughtful safety features.

You can jump freely, experience the display of all kinds of cool movements, children and inexperienced adults and friends can play in the free trampoline area, there is a lot of space, there is no impossible, only unexpected!