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WorldStar Trampoline Case --Nantong city,Jiangsu province

Date:2019-04-14 04:03:23 click:1037

LeQi Sports Park 

6000 square meters of the venue within 2000 square meters are trampoline area! All kinds of trampoline! It completely overturns your previous knowledge of trampoline.

Down to 5 years old, up to 50 years old can play!

Indoor has more than 20 kinds of development projects, such as high-altitude platform, aerial flying, plum blossom pile, rock climbing, high-altitude development and other projects.

Outward bound training aims to challenge and overcome oneself and enhance the team consciousness of fighting for the team.

Free trampoline area is a free flying area, with novel and fashionable American trampoline and thoughtful safety facilities.

Six meters high devil slide, very exciting and fun

It only takes a few seconds to slide from high altitude to the ground!

The whole angle is 90 degrees! Feeling straight from the sky!!!

Each pillar of plum blossom pile varies in height, testing balance and speed. In this pass, the more hesitant it is, the more difficult it is to reach the end point, and the faster and decisive progress will be smoother.

You can jump freely, experience the display of all kinds of cool movements, children and inexperienced adults and friends can play in the free trampoline area, there is a lot of space, there is no impossible, only unexpected!