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Worldstar indoor playground sample room is under construction

Date:2020-03-23 08:49:40 click:935

Worldstar indoor playground sample room is under construction

The framework of the indoor playground is made of steel pipes, and the construction is proceeding in an orderly manner.

This is the frame construction of donut slide and devil slide. After completion, you can have the game experience of both height and speed.

We have an absolutely professional installation team to complete a safe and reliable indoor playground in their hands.

Look at these installation details, reflecting the rigor of our installation team,and ensure that children can play safely and happily here.

After completion, worldstar will have the largest sample room in the region. Come here to experience the ultimate pleasure.

Enter the door, enter the soft sponge world.

Through this Rainbow ladder, enter the world of indoor playground.

In the revolving door, you can walk freely like a little fish.

There are only a few projects listed above,there are more interesting projects waiting for your experience