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Worldstar case| - "ShangChuangBa" Trampolien Park

Date:2019-06-27 11:05:00 click:1248

There is a sport this year.

From foreign fire to domestic

  A million people like it


 Notice!  Notice! Notice!

The trampoline park of Shangbei Bar has come to Tanzhou!

Integrating Sports Entertainment and Decompression

"ShangChuangBa" Trampoline Park

Tanzhou's first trampoline Park covers an area of 1500 square meters

More than 20 kinds of amusement items are available, and the service personnel are considerate and considerate.

Created by Zhongshan Leteng Sports Development Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang WorldStar Amusement Co, ltd

From the European and American fires to the domestic, 

the current hot trampoline movement

Vibrating sounds like a million fancy trampolines, sticky walls

Naughty castle, marine ball, building blocks

Play from 3 to 60 years old!

Free bouncing area

Here is a good place to freely sweat. 

Children release their nature by the free trampoline area

don’t have to worry about falling, 

how crazy you want to go crazy!

Donut slide

The donut slide project originated in Europe.

It is covered with a special kind of slide on the slope.

 It uses the gravity formed by the height difference 

to experience the fun of skiing without natural snow.

Spider wall

Put on special clothes

Jump from a trampoline to a special wall,

 finally you will stick to the wall,

 just like Spider man!

Spider tower

The experience of falling down from the heights on the ground floor is super exciting!

Whenever think that I was caught by a strap, 

the new round of falling is coming soon! 

1500+ trampoline park, you can't see the side at a glance

From early play to late, I feel a few pounds a day!

The baby is crying and refuses to go!

Before entering, we need to put on special socks for trampoline

The bottom of the silicone bulge is excellent

Safeguarding sports

Save the trivial objects such as key phones

Take it easy, then get ready to take off!