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Worldstar case| - Papark Parent-child Paradise

Date:2019-06-24 02:46:02 click:1449

Anyone who is suitable for children to play, they will consume physical strength, especially like they are swimming in the adventure, playing crazy to sweat, and then go home with satisfaction and exhaustion.

The Children's Paradise created by the World Star and [PaPark Climbs and Parents' Paradise] opened in the B2 of the Kaohsiung Dream era. The friends immediately went to the class with their classmates during the summer vacation!

No matter whether it is windy or rainy outdoors, parents or friends can enjoy the fun in this room and enjoy the fun.

PaPark parent-child paradise with the indoor GOPARK car park, the 147 gun park's laser gun battle zone, and the 200-pyeong PaPark children's pavilion, a collection of three paradise, a network of children and young people.

Take the escalator to the basement and you will see the clear indicators of PaPark's climber's fun park!

There are 7-11s to add water and food at any time, as well as underground streets and various restaurants. In the Kaohsiung Dream era, you are absolutely not afraid of being hungry!

PaPark Family Fun Park is exclusively for the 3-12 year old children's play area, and is not limited! Unlimited! Unlimited!

Even if you leave the pavilion in the middle of the day, you can still re-enter the hall with the bracelet, and unlimited play, unlimited play, it is too enjoyable!

Weekday children's experience tickets can be accompanied by one parent free of charge, and holiday parents are required to purchase an accompanying ticket.

Young children under the age of 3 are open for admission on weekdays, and holidays are not open for security reasons.

PaPark Family Fun Park has a total of 9 exciting rides including the super-stimulus devil's big slide, spider climbing tower, air ball pool, flying carpet, aerial ropeway...

Parents followed the children and took pictures of the children's play. They found that they had to climb all the rounds in each area. It really requires physical strength and courage.

Speaking of fear, I think there is an absolutely exciting "Devil's Grand Slide" in the PaPark Family Park, let the children try their guts!

This devil's large slide with a vertical 90-degree drop from top to bottom is divided into two floors and a half-height, allowing children to feel the most gliding feeling of heartbeat.

Under the guidance of the help of the waiter, after wearing the protective gear on hand, sitting at the slide, unable to overcome the obstacles in the heart, so I dare not slide down.

The children are afraid to challenge this most exciting "devil big slide".

It is said that children who can overcome psychological obstacles will always play in line and play again. To be honest, it is super-stimulous to look at!

It doesn't matter if you don't dare to challenge the "Devil's Grand Slide", children can still play "fast big slides".

There is also a “fast big slide” that is faster than a normal slide. It slides down from a 2.75-meter-long 6.1-meter slide and takes 2 seconds to let the kids enjoy the fast-sliding pleasure.

In addition to this "devil big slide" and "fast big slide", the types of facilities are very diverse, there are other ball pools, spider towers, big devil slides, single-wood bridges, balance chairs, aerial ropeways, guns and so on.

Let the children use the rotation, jumping, climbing, shooting, gliding, etc., a variety of large body movements, from which to train the children's courage, balance, teamwork and so on.