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WorldStar at the Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo!

Date:2019-05-10 05:26:55 click:570

Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo

    On the morning of May 9, the 2019 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo opened at the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair. This exhibition lasted for 3 days. Compared with last year, it has carried out all-round upgrades in terms of exhibition scale, publicity, audience invitation, and concurrent activities. The exhibition has a total exhibition area of 130,000 square meters and a total of 6,500 booths, attracting 700 cultural tourism, theme park equipment, 400 indoor chain parks, and animation IP operators. A total of 1,100 exhibitors participated in the exhibition!

The Exhibition News of WorldStar

  From May 9th to May 11th, World Star held a three-day exhibition at the Guangzhou-Asia Paradise and Attractions Expo. During the three-day exhibition, our company has gained benefits in promoting brands, promoting products, developing and maintaining new and existing customers, and understanding industry trends and market prospects.

   The exhibits that we brought to the AAA exhibition this time are different from the usual ones. The super large trampoline! Red-blue-red color matching! Ask who doesn't want to go and pick it up!

   Let's take a look at the coach's little brother spinning on the big trampoline!

  During the exhibition, the visitors came to an endless stream. Customers at home and abroad showed great interest in our products. A considerable number of them expressed their intention to open a trampoline park for investment. Our friends are also very enthusiastic about answering customers.

   At the exhibition, the World Star colleagues distributed the carefully prepared catalogue to customers, let customers know more about our products, and use the video of our site case to show customers the overall strength of our World Star. .

   See, the stars of the World Star are warmly receiving customers!

We hope that the World Star will be full in the next two days of exhibitions. Our exhibition will continue tomorrow, welcome you!

Booth No: 6M201

Time: 2019.5.9- 5.11

Location:: Guangzhou-China Import & Export Fair Complex