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"The trampoline hot" picked up by the "Trampod Park"!

Date:2019-04-17 04:18:31 click:582

What is the ‘the trampoline fever’ that has recently started to shake up? First of all, from the trampoline paradise, this is a popular fitness and recreation program around the world. The suitable group is 5-50 years old. It is almost universal participation. It is generally located in parks, amusement parks, supermarkets, shopping malls, gyms and other people. The big place, which has a variety of fun regional compositions, attracts many netizens to compete for the show, set off a trampoline boom!

What is the magic weapon for such a popular trampoline paradise? First of all, the paradise is a combination of many fun and novelty areas, whether it is the sacred place in the sacred place, or the free bouncing area of the couple's fancy show, and the other areas where the friends are competing to show off their skills. Interesting.

The trampoline paradise is not only fun, its materials are non-toxic and tasteless, the safety net is made of environmentally-friendly materials, comfortable and soft, fine-woven, non-slip and easy to catch. High-quality professional jump cloth is the top craft, non-slip wear-resistant, elastic, safe and super-powerful. High-quality painted steel pipe is ultra-thick steel pipe, safe and solid, environmentally friendly spray paint, non-slip resistant and embroidered. The PVC soft pad is an improved material with a curved design, ruggedness and safety. Thick plate, quality assurance, quality assured, environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless. The high-strength spring is a super-tight spring ring with a gentle cushioning, safety, and rust-proof.

Such a hot trampoline appeared as early as a few decades ago. In 1947, the United States held the first national trampoline exhibition in Texas; it was included in the official competition in 1948, and later introduced to Europe; in 1958, the United Kingdom began to hold the whole of England. Trampoline Championship; the first World Trampoline Championship was held in England in 1964; the first European Trampoline Championship was held in Paris in 1969; the International Trampoline Federation became an association of international gymnastics in 1999; the 27th Olympic Games in 2000, the trampoline officially became a competition; In the 2017 vibrato, there were people who started to show off their skills; in 2018, the vibrato completely took the fire trampoline, and it was unstoppable from the European and American roads.

The trampoline paradise is not only an entertainment project, but also a large trampoline jumping exercise can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids, thereby preventing and reducing the effects of diseases such as lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels and preventing kidneys. Stones, strengthen heart and lung function, balance blood pressure, improve physical coordination, help sleep, etc., for women, there is an unexpected effect of body shaping, detoxification and beauty. The fun and green trampoline fitness and entertainment project has swept from Europe and the United States to the domestic market. From the vibrato to the physical fitness, this “trampoline fever” has come strong, and unlimited business opportunities are coming. What are you waiting for?