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The six elements of the management model of the trampoline park

Date:2019-05-22 03:08:55 click:537

Choosing ingenious designs, appropriate addresses, unique creative ideas and flexible marketing strategies, and in-depth product development, the trampoline paradise can stand out from the crowd.

Flexible marketing strategy

The effective customer market radius of the trampoline park is within 50-100 km. Developers need to adopt flexible marketing strategies for effective customer radius market, such as accelerating information transmission, flexible pricing, market segmentation, etc. consumer group.


The operators of trampoline parks should continue to promote various innovative activities and continue to surprise customers and win repeat customers.

Emphasis on customer engagement

Fully mobilize the active participation of customers, emphasizing the interaction and communication between customers and the surrounding things, so that customers get the same feeling.

Education and entertainment

Let the children play in the trampoline paradise, they will be more assured, the children will not only enjoy the fun of the game, but also learn a lot of other aspects of excellent quality, which is very beneficial for growth.

Perfect service system

Create a happy atmosphere, grasp customer needs, improve staff quality and improve service system.

Strengthen brand management strategy

The form of brand management can match the catering, shopping and other projects in the trampoline park with the high-quality image of the trampoline park.