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Ojarstar trampoline park in Henan - "Dr.Gravity”

Date:2019-05-11 02:05:31 click:1382


    Dr.Gravity is located in Hengtian Heavy Industry Park, No. 16 Yinping Road, High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is currently the most fashionable and fashionable large trampoline theme park in Zhengzhou City. The venue mainly includes a multi-mesh red project such as a trampoline area, a devil slide, a spider wall, and a children's area. 3,500 square meters of large stadium area, 8 meters high, rotating, jumping, vacating, get rid of gravity, how do you want to swear! Here, every play project will ignite your passion, so that you can't help but fall in love with sports.


 This is the legendarytrampoline adult, children can play in the playground to jump, vacate, fall, and then bounce to feel the joy of the clouds. 

    In addition to fun, the trampoline parkis a weight-loss weapon for 10 minutes. The fat of the trampoline is equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes. The music field can give you a flying and fun fun. Young people and children can enjoy it!

    Are you still repeating the old three at the party? What are the hipsters playing now? (Come a sweaty party)

What is it? This is a new attempt to subvert the traditional party mode. The cost of saving choices saves the bumpy journey and only requires a lot of effort to play!

 Dr.Gravity is absolutely perfect for your appetite sports and entertainment facilities, so that you can't get out of the carnival all the time.


 The "piano" on the ground and the small room suitable for taking pictures that you can see when you enter the door.

The 90° vertical devil's big slide, like a roller coaster, is a different kind of weightless fun.

You don't have to worry about where you are going to slip down. The soft ocean ball will make you land safely.

Before entering the venue, you need to put on a special socks for the trampoline. The bottom of the silicone bulge is excellent in slip resistance to ensure safety during exercise. Save the trivial objects such as the key phone, and relax, then get ready to take off!

The large trampoline area of the two basketball courts is divided into a free trampoline area and a professional trampoline area. Whether it is fat or thin, you can find a suitable area to explode. It is said to be 50 years old, down to 3 years old, of course, it is also very good for hair dog food.


    The large trampoline in the free trampoline area is full of flexibility. To the last stop, everyone is a little fairy with a light body and leaves the earth's surface in minutes. Rotate and jump, roll in the air, fly freely! In this area, you can ignite every cell in your body, trample with your child, and sweep away all the accumulated stress and emotions! Freestyle trampoline!