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Korean Rope course made in WorldStar amusement

Date:2020-05-25 01:23:06 click:1866

Adventure Skywalk Rope Net Adventure Park is an outdoor expansion training equipment as the main element, and is based on the expansion training project. It is the latest adventure playground equipment suitable for scenic recreational activities. The rope net adventure park equipment is assembled by strict scientific design and is composed of multiple linear structure metal platforms. Each platform is connected by various metal support rods or ropes. The combination of asynchronous channels between the platforms matches each other, making the climbing Climbing, leaping and walking in the air are more diversified, and its fun is endless, full of unlimited entertainment. The unique and reliable safety design of the Rope Net Adventure Park makes the tourists participating in it without any worries, and can invest in it with confidence.

Rope Paradise is a healthy and stylish leisure adventure activity. It is formed by setting up and constructing various obstacle barriers of different difficulty, different styles, and super stimulating between the columns, trees, rock walls, and canals. In the route, players need to explore the way through hanging bridges, nets, trails, barrels, swings, ropeways and other fun links. Through climbing, sliding, swimming, striding, jumping, flying and other actions to cross all obstacles to reach the end point, let You experience the thrill of falling at high altitude and gliding freely, and feel the excitement of climbing and crossing.