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Indoor trampoline equipment design, production, installation, etc.

Date:2019-03-14 01:05:32 click:473

How to make a perfect product design?

Site selection

1.The safe height of the site is 5.2 meters, and the ground level is flat. If the height of the children's trampoline park can be 

reduced to 4 meters, the ventilation is good, the pillars of the site are as few as possible, and the fire door and the consumption 

passage are left;

2.The trampoline site is recommended to be 600-2000 square meters or more, which can maximize the customer experience and 

quickly bring profit. It is worth mentioning that in the comprehensive trampoline paradise, the trampoline equipment itself 

generally only accounts for 55%-70% of the entire site, and the rest is used for supporting facilities such as cafes, viewing tables, 

receptions, etc.

3.Provide site CAD drawings and detailed information: fill out our trampoline customer research form, and take photos or 

video, (the domestic designer can visit the venue) so that we can better understand your site information, thus giving you a 

unique and perfect design.

4.Choose the right trampoline function area module (we have nearly 20 functional areas) and tell us to have the designer put it 

in the entire design drawing.

5.The design drawings confirm that if there is a modification request, then modify, complete, and pay the advance payment after the contract is signed, we can produce, 

and the balance must be paid before shipment after the production is completed.