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How does the trampoline make money? The secret to making the trampoline profitable - World Star Amusement

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How much does it cost to open a trampoline park to earn money?

   First of all, we need to understand the market situation: nationwide, trampoline parks and other venues have developed rapidly. By 2019, the number of trampoline theme parks officially in operation in the country exceeded 2,000, and it is still growing at a rate of more than 30% every year. Investing in a trampoline park requires professional trampoline equipment, especially supporting amusement equipment, and related trampoline action teaching training courses.

As for the trampoline manufacturers, most of the trampoline manufacturers are concentrated in the Wenzhou Bridge, which is known as the capital of Chinese education toys, and some are scattered in Zhengzhou, Henan. It is precisely because there are many trampoline manufacturers on the market, and many traditional naughty equipment manufacturers have become trampoline manufacturers, which has caused great trouble to entrepreneurs who want to invest in the trampoline park project.

Trampoline sports also require more professional trampoline instructors and field trainers. "There are a lot of professional gymnastics and trampoline athletes in the country. There are very few champions or medals for the country to win glory. Many people have arrived, or have been injured. After leaving the country, they left the national system, but in fact, the field of trampoline is in need. professional''.

The secret of the cost of trampoline park

1. About site selection

(1.) Comprehensive shopping mall

Large shopping malls such as Wanda Plaza and Wangfujing Department Store are not only satisfying people's shopping needs, but also equipped with children's playgrounds, restaurants, cinemas and other facilities, so that people can spend a whole day in the mall. Therefore, the shopping malls are generally more popular, and are the preferred venue for indoor children's parks.

(2.) Supermarket-type large stores

Large supermarkets, such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Auchan and other large supermarkets. The popularity of large stores is generally stable. The traffic of people on weekends is not much different from usual, and the coverage of customers is also wide. Except for mom and dad, grandparents and grandmothers go to the supermarket to buy a dish and bring their grandchildren. . In such a place to open a children's playground, equipment grades are high, health services are good, children often pass by to see and can not move.

(3.) Near high-end residential area or large residential area

Before choosing a community, you should first check the number of children in this community and the distribution of age groups. The population of the community is relatively concentrated, and the population density is high. The frequency of parents taking the children to visit is relatively high, and the business is good. In this type of area, people of all ages and social classes have more customers. Moreover, due to the large volume of the population, it is easy to apply for membership cards, so sales will not suddenly rise and fall, and the cash flow of the store can be quickly recovered.

(4.) Blocks of similar shops

Every place has a different layout of outlets, such as clothing city, computer city... Most people like to shop around, like to shop around, like to go to the business circle to buy, if the children's playground can concentrate on a certain kind of shop gathering Locations or neighborhoods are more likely to attract customers. Therefore, the children's park can be selected in the vicinity of maternal and child stores, children's clothing stores, toy stores, children's photography museums, maternal and child health centers, etc., because parents bring children to buy these children's goods, they will also bring children to the children's playground.


Kindergarten is now everywhere in every city, but almost every family has a slide as a place for children to play, not very attractive. If you open an indoor children's playground in a kindergarten, then your kindergarten is different, even if your kindergarten price is higher than others, it can attract more children.

2. The children's park / trampoline park trial operation, test venue market response, customer experience, teamwork, equipment use

1. Trial operation is a process of converting the theory into practice and verifying its right or wrong for the operation of the park. In this process, it is necessary to carry out the business plan that was formulated in the previous period, and see if it can work. If it doesn't work, it will combine the market demand, the number of customers, and the preferences of the customers.

The sales process and sales skills of the training drills will be maximized; the safety inspection, scheduling skills, health processes, incentives, trampoline park job responsibilities, happy working atmosphere will create perfection; whether the amusement products are working properly, we You have to go and experience it yourself to see if you can satisfy your customers' feelings.

2, the child park / trampoline park trial operation time control should be appropriate

The trial operation time of the park is best controlled at 8-15 days, because holidays and weekends are the peak period of passenger flow. To ensure that the trial operation includes 1-2 weekends, under the premise of high traffic, the time is too short to see the problem. The time is too long for the park to have little meaning.

3, children's park change / trampoline park during the trial operation, listen carefully to listen to customer opinions

One of the reasons for doing a lot of trial business is to see the market and customers are not satisfied with us. Usually, we choose to listen to some customers' opinions to make reasonable improvements, but remember to know whether the opinions have reference value. After all, it is difficult to adjust and draw most people. A common opinion can be, no matter how you follow, you can't feel good about yourself, and you don't listen.

4, indoor playground / trampoline park during the trial operation problems in a timely manner, do not blame

The trial operation of the park is due to the imperfection of the paradise system, the unskilled staff, and various problems often arise. At this time, don’t be too responsible for the incident, which is a waste of time and easily affects the working atmosphere, so you encounter mistakes. The first step you should think about is how to make up and improve.

5, children's park / trampoline park full operation activities before the business

Pre-opening word-of-mouth publicity and event warm-up is also very important. The trial operation plays a strong propaganda role, that is, through the cost-effective opening activities, it tries to attract customers to handle the members of the trampoline library annual card; and create a scene of sensational buying. To lay a mass foundation for the future operation of the park, of course, before the trial operation, high-concentration online and offline promotion and publicity, and deep market development should be carried out, so that the effect of trial operation will be better.

In short, if you want to make money, you must investigate and ask for relevant consultations so that you can fully implement it and then implement it immediately. In addition, you can find a good trampoline manufacturer, which can bring you convenience and time-saving operation. If you have other information you would like to know, you can contact us.