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Exhibition Review | World Star Wonderful debut Beijing International Amusement Equipment Expo

Date:2019-04-04 01:15:50 click:425

On April 3, the 2019 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Exhibition ended successfully. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 40,000 professional visitors. As a well-known enterprise in the domestic amusement industry, Worldstar also participated in this industry event. Next, please follow us to review the grand occasion of the exhibition!

Exhibition overview

China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Fair is Asia's largest and most influential international amusement event and trade platform. Each session attracts more than 40 countries and regions from more than 30 provinces and more than 5,000 theme parks in China. Investors, developers and operators of the cultural tourism industry, such as scenic spots, indoor parks, water parks, zoos, and ancient townstays.

During the three-day exhibition, the World Star booth was crowded and the scene was very lively. At the scene, the World Star colleagues warmly welcome every customer who comes to consult with a professional attitude. They distributed the carefully prepared new album to the client and used the case video to showcase the company's overall strength.