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[Exhibition Review] Indonesia Exhibition Ends Perfectly

Date:2019-07-25 09:26:32 click:443

As the largest and most professional exhibition in the Indonesian toy and baby products industry, the Indonesia International Entertainment and Leisure Expo was held on July 18th at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center in Indonesia! The exhibition will last for three days, from the 18th to the 20th! The exhibition attracted a large number of professional buyers from various provinces and cities in Indonesia and neighboring countries to visit and negotiate business. It has been highly recognized by exhibitors from previous exhibitions!

As the domestic excellent amusement brand, World Star Music has also been honored to be invited to participate! In order to participate in this exhibition, it is carefully prepared, only to bring the best visitors to visitors!

The trampoline and the little doctor brought by the World Star play, these products also attracted the attention of many visitors! From the beginning of the exhibition, the people who asked in front of our booth will be in a constant stream, and it will also show the popularity of the World Star trampoline!

Good products are also inseparable from good services. The World Star people have always believed in this and put it into practice. To achieve this, it is also inseparable from the hard work of every small partner to ensure the exhibition. Can show the best side!

World Star, walking with happiness! Never changed the original heart, that is, insist on originality and keep the originality.

Provide the most sincere service for every consumer! We also believe that tomorrow with your World Star will be even better!