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Disinfection Standard For Indoor Children's Playground

Date:2020-02-05 03:41:19 click:1007

 In recent years, severe hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) has occurred due to season change, hot weather and other problems. Therefore, all staff and teachers must pay more attention to the sanitation and disinfection work of the park than usual, and make the disinfection work of indoor children's Park standard, comprehensive and meticulous, so as to protect the health of the children.

So how should children's amusement equipment be disinfected?

    For those plastic parts and fiberglass, we can dilute and soak them with soap water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, etc., then gently scrub them with soft cloth or brush, then rinse them with water, dry them with clean cloth or sun dry them. Finally spray some 84 disinfectant.

    If it is an indoor activity room, ground, wall, etc., it should be disinfected by ultraviolet radiation every day, and the room should be ventilated frequently. Spray and disinfect with hydrogen peroxide once a week.

  For the soft sponge part of large-scale children's amusement equipment, we can brush it with soft cloth and soapy water.

    For the metal part of large-scale children's amusement equipment, if rust removal is required, the floating rust can be removed with a brush and cleaned with a dry cloth.

    The wet, heat-resistant and colorfast wooden parts can be washed with soap and water bubbles and dried in the sun, and then sterilized with 84 disinfectant.

    When cleaning the electrical part of the circuit, first of all, make sure that the power is cut off and no watering is allowed. Generally, wipe it with a wet cloth and connect the power supply after it is completely dry.

    All large-scale children's amusement equipment, outdoor slide and drilling barrel shall not have ponding after rainy days, if any, a hole with a diameter of 4mm shall be drilled at the lowest place for drainage.

When disinfecting large-scale children's amusement equipment, it is also necessary to check whether the connection part is firm, whether the metal frequent activity connection part is oiled, whether the circuit electrical appliances and common parts are damaged, and whether all parts cannot leave spikes and other safety hazards.