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Analysis of the five major investment misunderstandings in the indoor children's park!

Date:2019-04-23 11:30:37 click:545

In recent years, with the development, the indoor children's playground industry has grown stronger and more, and many investment entrepreneurs have invested in it. However, due to some investors who have just contacted the children's playground industry, they do not understand the market and blindly invest, resulting in inaccurate investment positioning of children's parks, poor management, and the collapse of profits and losses! Here, Lotte Amusement is the leading player in the children's paradise industry, according to The survey selected a number of misunderstandings often made by several indoor children's park investors. I hope everyone will share it!

Mentality misunderstanding: eager to seek success

     Some investors are eager to seek success, do not pay attention to market research, and often invest directly in entrepreneurship without insight. In fact, you can't do this because it is killing you. Because the first button is wrong, what to do later is wrong. If you haven't gone through market research? Didn't you understand your local market? Didn't analyze your product? Didn't find out your competitors? Didn't research the consumer? So, how did the initial investment plan work? How can the paradise's strategic direction ensure accuracy? Therefore, don't invest blindly, sharpen the knife and cut the firewood. Only when everything is ready, can it be profitable smoothly in the later stage.

 The business misunderstanding: the hard copy

     Some investors like to follow suit, to see who's indoor children's playground is doing well, and who is going to learn. Be aware that each industry has its own special circumstances, and things that are suitable for others may not be right for you. Market marketing, positioning, product line planning, advertising communication, public relations activities, organizational structure, operational processes, terminal display, team training, etc., should be carried out according to their own circumstances, tailored, and can not put other people's clothes to themselves Body set.

geographical misunderstanding

     Many investors have a geographical misunderstanding! That is, as long as the indoor children's park is opened in shopping malls, supermarkets, communities and other places, it will certainly make money! In which places can open a large children's playground to open a large children's paradise! So, As long as there is a shop in this place, you will choose to open a store immediately. You will not do market customer analysis and investigation at all! In fact, this idea is very dangerous. It is undeniable that it is a good choice to choose an indoor children's park in a shopping mall, supermarket or crowded place. select. However, this is also a good target source analysis! Some supermarkets and shopping malls in the community seem to have many customers, but a careful investigation found that these customers are mostly elderly, but the main target customers (children) are few, belonging to the elderly community pension. The place, this place is not suitable for opening a large indoor children's amusement park, or directly said that it is not suitable for indoor children's amusement park.

consumer misunderstanding

     Some investors often do not clearly position consumers, and they can't figure out who their main target consumers are. The result of this will inevitably lead to untargetedness, unable to meet the individual needs of consumers, and will also result in Dislocation of strategy and communication. The children's park faces children from 1 to 14 years old, while the indoor children's playground has many amusement equipments and different amusement programs for consumers of different ages. Only by clearly positioning the main consumer customers, the park can better implement the marketing strategy for customers!

equipment misunderstanding

     Children's play equipment is the basis of the operation of an indoor children's park, and it is also a necessary tool for the long-term profit of the park! Many investors, blindly follow the choice of amusement equipment, and what to buy and sell in the recent fashion. In fact, this is not a long-term profit for the park. Ok. The equipment selection of the indoor children's playground is best based on the preferences of the local consumer customers, the nature of the age, and then combined with the style characteristics of their own parks to create an exclusive play style for their own paradise, so that the paradise will be remembered by the consumers. Otherwise, blindly following the trend will only lead to customer diversion, and competition with peers will increase day by day, and finally the two sides are not good!