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Indoor trampoline equipment design, production, installation, etc.

The trampoline is not only popular in the country, but also loved by the masses of the people abroad. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia, the second largest city in Australia, the Australian cultural and industrial center, and the most famous cultural city in the Southern Hemisphere. With an area of 3,400 square miles (8,806 square kilometers), Melbourne is one of the larger metropolitan areas in the southern hemisphere. The population of Australia's "Melbourne" is about 4.44 million, but there are nearly 20 in the "Millennium Park in Melbourne" in Australia. . This is enough to prove that the trampoline has begun to swept the world!

GAF exhibition in Wuhan on 8-10th March 2019

Tampoline is your best friend.Choose worldstar, choose your lifestyle.

IAAPI exhibition in India on March 2019

2019 IAAPI India Exhibition, March 6-8, at the Mumbai Convention and Exhibition Center, Exhibit E07, welcome to visit.

Which are children's playground to join the money - making project

The characteristic amusement project is the strong safeguard which the children amusement park manages successfully.

Introduction to Trampoline

I hear there's been a new wave of fashion sports in an indoor sport. It has the power to charm both adults and children, not only to give you a good jump, A variety of fancy games will also open the new door for you trampoline world! There are many trampoline park projects.

May 9-11 Meet Guangzhou Exhibition

China(Guangzhou) International Games and Entertainment Equipment Exhibition(CIAE), China(Guangzhou) International Theme Park and Tourism Industry Exhibition(TPAE) The 2017 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo and(Guangzhou) International Video Entertainment Equipment Theme Park and Tourism Industry Exhibition(AAA) In the industry colleagues and related With the strong support of the department, it was held on May 9-12 at the Guangzhou·zhongguo

March 8-10 Meet Wuhan Exhibition

Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group has always been committed to the development of the amusement industry, and has concluded alliances with the amusement industry to continuously tap the market potential for the development of the industry, develop new market opportunities, and go to the world for the domestic and foreign amusement industry to add joy to modern life. The Star of the World awaits your arrival in Wuhan.

CAE exhibition in Shanghai on October 2018

Jumping is free. Trampoline is a hot sports recently. We take our new product to Shanghai exhibition.

G&A exhibition November 2018

To be healthy, energetic and brave .Tampoline is your best friend. Choose worldstar, choose your lifestyle.