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WorldStar Trampoline Case --Nantong city,Jiangsu province

The indoor trampoline park is a comprehensive form of sports that integrates entertainment, fitness, appreciation and competition. The indoor trampoline park exercise is effective for improving body shape and posture, sharpening the will and cultivating the emotions; indoor trampoline park sports can promote metabolism and improve motor skills. To fully develop the quality of the human body.

WorldStar - Hefei Venue Pink Trampoline pounds!!

Urgent! Emergency! Emergency! The elastic space joins the worldstar to create a pink trampoline! Let you experience a simple trampoline paradise, whether it is parent-child activities or company group building, trampoline park is a good choice, all kinds of fancy games are You opened the new door to the trampoline world! Sponge pool, climbing wall, spider wall, slam dunk area, big slide, spider tower, weightless space, etc., 3000 square meters of venue, multiple projects, multiple play!

Exhibition Review | World Star Wonderful debut Beijing International Amusement Equipment Expo

On April 3, the 2019 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Exhibition ended successfully. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 40,000 professional visitors. As a well-known enterprise in the domestic amusement industry, Worldstar also participated in this industry event. Next, please follow us to review the grand occasion of the exhibition!

Use these tricks to increase the flow of children's paradise!

What is profitable for operating indoor children's parks? The answer must be passenger traffic. There are many factors affecting passenger flow, such as the overall planning and positioning of children's parks, advertising efforts, marketing plans, seasons, weather and other factors. As a child park operator, although it is impossible to control the overall traffic to the park, it is certain that measures can be taken to increase passenger traffic.

WorldStar Trampoline Case --Lebanon

Trampoline park is one of the hottest projects in the investment world. Since it was shaken red this year, people from all walks of life are eager to move and want to invest in the trampoline park, hoping to seize this opportunity and earn the first place in entrepreneurship. Bucket of gold.

WorldStar Trampoline Case - Egypt

The trampoline paradise is a sport that combines sports and aesthetics. In the past two years, the trampoline project has been more accepted by the market. The state advocates fitness for all, jumping is human instinct, love jumping is born, and 'jumping higher' It is the expectation and goal of mankind! When you jump on a trampoline, you can exercise your body while eliminating excess fat because you consume a lot of heat.

WorldStar Trampoline Case - Qatar

Trampoline Park, the most popular amusement program in the country, suitable for players aged 5-50 years old, not only can exercise and fitness, but also can be used as company group building activities, school parent-child interaction activities, birthday parties, etc. A versatile ride.

What are the main points to pay attention to when opening children's paradise?

As a new favorite of children's investment market, children's paradise has attracted the attention of investors. But before investing, many investors have questions: I have never done children's paradise industry before, and I have no experience in this field. What methods can you guarantee my profit to the greatest extent?

CAE exhibition in Beijing on 1-3 April 2019

April 1-3, WorldStar invites you to China(Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo!

Do a good job shift in the light season, stabilize paradise revenue

General Children's Park light season sales will have a clear drop. Peak operating season or some special days, the number of traffic in the store increased, sales rubbed against the rise. Compared with the off-season, the wear and tear of amusement equipment, publicity and promotion, the cooperation of employees have greatly increased the workload and difficulty.

Indoor trampoline equipment design, production, installation, etc.

The trampoline is not only popular in the country, but also loved by the masses of the people abroad. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia, the second largest city in Australia, the Australian cultural and industrial center, and the most famous cultural city in the Southern Hemisphere. With an area of 3,400 square miles (8,806 square kilometers), Melbourne is one of the larger metropolitan areas in the southern hemisphere. The population of Australia's "Melbourne" is about 4.44 million, but there are nearly 20 in the "Millennium Park in Melbourne" in Australia. . This is enough to prove that the trampoline has begun to swept the world!

GAF exhibition in Wuhan on 8-10th March 2019

Tampoline is your best friend.Choose worldstar, choose your lifestyle.