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[Exhibition Review] Indonesia Exhibition Ends Perfectly

As the largest and most professional exhibition in the Indonesian toy and baby products industry, the Indonesia International Entertainment and Leisure Expo was held on July 18th at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center in Indonesia! The exhibition will last for three days, from the 18th to the 20th! The exhibition attracted a large number of professional buyers from various provinces and cities in Indonesia and neighboring countries to visit and negotiate business. It has been highly recognized by exhibitors from previous exhibitions!

Worldstar case| - "ShangChuangBa" Trampolien Park

Notice! Notice! Notice! The trampoline park of Shangbei Bar has come to Tanzhou! Integrating Sports Entertainment and Decompression "ShangChuangBa" Trampoline Park Tanzhou's first trampoline Park covers an area of 1500 square meters More than 20 kinds of amusement items are available, and the service personnel are considerate and considerate. Created by Zhongshan Leteng Sports Development Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang WorldStar Amusement Co, ltd

Worldstar case| - Papark Parent-child Paradise

PaPark climbs into the Kaohsiung Dream Age. There is an indoor GOPARK car park, a laser gun battlefield of 147 Guns Park, and a 200-pyeong PaPark Children's Hall. It is a gathering of three major paradise, including children and young people. No matter whether it is windy or rainy outdoors, parents or friends can play in this room and enjoy the fun of childhood.

Ojarstar indoor playground in South Africa - "Gravity Play Park”

The Gravity Play Park joins the WorldStar to create a new playground! ! The Gravity Play Park is located in Port Elizabeth city,Baywest mall.

Exhibition invitation | Indonesia International AMUSEMENT & LEISURE Expo

18-20 July 2019, WorldStar invites you to Indonesia International Amusement & Leisure Expo 2019 (IIAE) !

What is the return on investment in the trampoline park?

Any project is to pay attention to the return on investment. Investors will analyze the cost, the speed of returning, and the various data of subsequent profits to select the most cost-effective investment projects. Obviously, the trampoline park project is able to meet the demand.

The six elements of the management model of the trampoline park

Choosing ingenious designs, appropriate addresses, unique creative ideas and flexible marketing strategies, and in-depth product development, the trampoline paradise can stand out from the crowd.

Ojarstar trampoline park in Henan - "Dr.Gravity”

Dr.Gravity is located in Hengtian Heavy Industry Park, No. 16 Yinping Road, High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is currently the most fashionable and fashionable large trampoline theme park in Zhengzhou City. The venue mainly includes a multi-mesh red project such as a trampoline area, a devil slide, a spider wall, and a children's area. 3,500 square meters of large stadium area, 8 meters high, rotating, jumping, vacating, get rid of gravity, how do you want to swear! Here, every play project will ignite your passion, so that you can't help but fall in love with sports.

WorldStar at the Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo!

On the morning of May 9, the 2019 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo opened at the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair. This exhibition lasted for 3 days. Compared with last year, it has carried out all-round upgrades in terms of exhibition scale, publicity, audience invitation, and concurrent activities. The exhibition has a total exhibition area of 130,000 square meters and a total of 6,500 booths, attracting 700 cultural tourism, theme park equipment, 400 indoor chain parks, and animation IP operators. A total of 1,100 exhibitors participated in the exhibition!

AAA exhibition in Guangzhou on 9-11th May 2019

May 9th - May 11th, WorldStar invites you to go to the 2019 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo!

How does the trampoline make money? The secret to making the trampoline profitable - World Star Amusement

Few people will pay attention to some of the key points of the investment in the trampoline. They only know that following the trend, they feel that the investment in the trampoline park is very profitable. They all come in with big waves, but they don’t have a good understanding of the series of research behind the success stories. And the mode of operation, did not consider the appropriate manufacturers to help and support.

Analysis of the five major investment misunderstandings in the indoor children's park!

In recent years, with the development, the indoor children's playground industry has grown stronger and more, and many investment entrepreneurs have invested in it. However, due to some investors who have just contacted the children's playground industry, they do not understand the market and blindly invest, resulting in inaccurate investment positioning of children's parks, poor management, and the collapse of profits and losses! Here, Lotte Amusement is the leading player in the children's paradise industry, according to The survey selected a number of misunderstandings often made by several indoor children's park investors. I hope everyone will share it!