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WorldStar indoor playground Case丨" Baccha Party"

With the fierce children's paradise industry, the naughty castle has the characteristics of randomness, interactivity, and no restrictions on the venue. Many investors like it. Many investment entrepreneurs choose Naughty Fort to start a business.




IAAPA Expo is the one-stop destination for leisure and attractions industry professionals, including operators, suppliers, investors, and developers from. Our booth number: 4629

Break time game

We played a game during beark time named: push drinks.Hahaha... Game rules: draw a line on the table, people stand at the starting point to push the bottle, if the bottle reaches this line and does not drop from table, you can get the drink for free!

Trampoline Park Customer Notice

Trampoline parks not only need to provide customers with joy, but also pay attention to the safety of customers when they play. Therefore, it is necessary to explain to the customer and remind the customer that there are always some safety problems in the trampoline project before entering the market.

Worldstar trampoline case in Germany

Address: Germany Total area: 2000 SQM The Children's Paradise created by the World Start and "JUMP ARENA & FUN PARK" opened in Germany.

What investment in the open trampoline?

Worldstar Trampoline Park has become the project of choice for most young people and cross-industry investors, not only because of the profitability of the trampoline park project, but also because of the simple operation.

WorldStar trampoline Case 丨"Super Jump Trampoline Park"

Super big trampoline park in Sichuan! More than 1,500 square meters of large free trampoline area made by Worldstar!

Using A Trampoline Safely

Supervise children while they're using the trampoline. A safety enclosure can help prevent falls but it's no substitute for good safety padding and a sturdy frame, or for sensible use of the trampoline. Even with an enclosure in place, kids still need to play safely on the trampoline and under adult supervision.

WorldStar trampoline Case 丨Melbourne East Side Indoor Playground-Rainbow Town Play Centre

The rainbow must bring happiness and play is the child's nature. The most complete playground in Melbourne, "Rainbow Town Play Centre", will meet with you and play with the small bowl friends!

[Exhibition Review] Indonesia Exhibition Ends Perfectly

As the largest and most professional exhibition in the Indonesian toy and baby products industry, the Indonesia International Entertainment and Leisure Expo was held on July 18th at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center in Indonesia! The exhibition will last for three days, from the 18th to the 20th! The exhibition attracted a large number of professional buyers from various provinces and cities in Indonesia and neighboring countries to visit and negotiate business. It has been highly recognized by exhibitors from previous exhibitions!

Worldstar case| - "ShangChuangBa" Trampolien Park

Notice! Notice! Notice! The trampoline park of Shangbei Bar has come to Tanzhou! Integrating Sports Entertainment and Decompression "ShangChuangBa" Trampoline Park Tanzhou's first trampoline Park covers an area of 1500 square meters More than 20 kinds of amusement items are available, and the service personnel are considerate and considerate. Created by Zhongshan Leteng Sports Development Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang WorldStar Amusement Co, ltd