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New Trampoline Park Open

Worldstar New trampoline park opened in Fujian,China on June,2020.

WorldStar indoor playground Case 丨Parent-child paradise in Taiwan

Good news!! Worldstar new indoor playground will open in August! This is the third play park in Taiwan from Worldstar! The play area is around 500 sqm, and it’s a maze theme park.

Korean Rope course made in WorldStar amusement

Rope Paradise is a healthy and stylish leisure adventure activity. It is formed by setting up and constructing various obstacle barriers of different difficulty, different styles, and super stimulating between the columns, trees, rock walls, and canals. In the route, players need to explore the way through hanging bridges, nets, trails, barrels, swings, ropeways and other fun links. Through climbing, sliding, swimming, striding, jumping, flying and other actions to cross all obstacles to reach the end point, let You experience the thrill of falling at high altitude and gliding freely, and feel the excitement of climbing and crossing.

WorldStar indoor playground Case 丨PaPark parent-child paradise in Shanghai

World Star Case-Shanghai PaPark parent-child paradise officially opened at the end of December 2019!

WorldStar trampoline Case 丨American Florida

We have a trampoline Park finished.

WorldStar trampoline Case 丨"Oasis Trampoline Park"

Walking in the desert, you can see our trampoline Park besides the sand. You're right! Our oasis trampoline park has officially opened

WorldStar indoor playground Case丨" Joyful palace"

1,000 square meters large parent-child paradise, trial opening on Saturday, 12/07

WorldStar indoor playground Case丨" Leisure Lagoon"

The soul of children's playground-slide Slides of various shapes brought countless joys to our childhood, The moment he rushed down the slide, All the troubles will be left behind

WorldStar indoor playground Case丨" Baccha Party"

With the fierce children's paradise industry, the naughty castle has the characteristics of randomness, interactivity, and no restrictions on the venue. Many investors like it. Many investment entrepreneurs choose Naughty Fort to start a business.

Worldstar trampoline case in Germany

Address: Germany Total area: 2000 SQM The Children's Paradise created by the World Start and "JUMP ARENA & FUN PARK" opened in Germany.

WorldStar trampoline Case 丨"Super Jump Trampoline Park"

Super big trampoline park in Sichuan! More than 1,500 square meters of large free trampoline area made by Worldstar!

WorldStar trampoline Case 丨Melbourne East Side Indoor Playground-Rainbow Town Play Centre

The rainbow must bring happiness and play is the child's nature. The most complete playground in Melbourne, "Rainbow Town Play Centre", will meet with you and play with the small bowl friends!