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New Trampoline Park Open

Worldstar New trampoline park opened in Fujian,China on June,2020.

2021 New Outdoor Playground

"Wood-Plastic PVC composite material" used on our outdoor playground.This is our new develop for 2021!

WorldStar indoor playground Case 丨Parent-child paradise in Taiwan

Good news!! Worldstar new indoor playground will open in August! This is the third play park in Taiwan from Worldstar! The play area is around 500 sqm, and it’s a maze theme park.

Korean Rope course made in WorldStar amusement

Rope Paradise is a healthy and stylish leisure adventure activity. It is formed by setting up and constructing various obstacle barriers of different difficulty, different styles, and super stimulating between the columns, trees, rock walls, and canals. In the route, players need to explore the way through hanging bridges, nets, trails, barrels, swings, ropeways and other fun links. Through climbing, sliding, swimming, striding, jumping, flying and other actions to cross all obstacles to reach the end point, let You experience the thrill of falling at high altitude and gliding freely, and feel the excitement of climbing and crossing.

Face mask export

Ojarstar Medical Technology (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd. was established by Zhejiang WorldStar Amusement Co., Ltd. with full capital injection on March 2020. This new company's main product is Ply 3 Disposable Face Mask ,KN95 mask. We have exported to USA, Peru, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands and so on.

WorldStar indoor playground Case 丨PaPark parent-child paradise in Shanghai

World Star Case-Shanghai PaPark parent-child paradise officially opened at the end of December 2019!

Worldstar indoor playground sample room is under construction

The sample room is on its way to completion……

WorldStar trampoline Case 丨American Florida

We have a trampoline Park finished.

WorldStar trampoline Case 丨"Oasis Trampoline Park"

Walking in the desert, you can see our trampoline Park besides the sand. You're right! Our oasis trampoline park has officially opened

We're back to work!!!

To protect the health and life safety of every employee is to protect the development of the enterprise.

Disinfection Standard For Indoor Children's Playground

In recent years, severe hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) has occurred due to season change, hot weather and other problems. Therefore, all staff and teachers must pay more attention to the sanitation and disinfection work of the park than usual, and make the disinfection work of indoor children's Park standard, comprehensive and meticulous, so as to protect the health of the children.

WorldStar indoor playground Case丨" Joyful palace"

1,000 square meters large parent-child paradise, trial opening on Saturday, 12/07