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Worldstar trampoline case in Germany

Date:2019-09-27 02:22:04 click:2061

Address: Germany

Total area: 2000 SQM

The Children's Paradise created by the World Start and "JUMP ARENA & FUN PARK" opened in Germany.


What's your favorite soft play indoor playground theme?

1. The theme of candy naughty castle children's paradise: mainly by colorful candy shape, with warm theme as the concept, plus the children's amusement software inside the electric equipment.

2. Forest theme Naughty Castle Children's Paradise: As the name implies, take the forest as the background, make some forest animal shapes in Naughty Castle Paradise, and make children's amusement equipment into the shape of forest plants, giving people a feeling of being in the jungle.

3. Ocean theme Naughty Castle Children's Paradise: The main tone of indoor children's Paradise is light blue. The shape of marine life and children's amusement equipment, such as octopus, pirate boat, ocean singer, etc.

4. Castle theme Naughty Castle Children's Paradise: In the fairy tale world, princes and princesses, luxurious castles, colorful periphery, take you into the colorful fairy tale city.

5. Occupational Experience Theme Naughty Castle Children's Paradise: Here. You can see supermarkets, banks, beauty parlors and other children's entertainment equipment, so that children like adults experience every role in life.

6.Technology theme Naughty Castle Children's Paradise: Here, you can see the cool technology, bold imagination, the equipment inside the children are full of expectations for technology.