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WorldStar trampoline Case 丨"Super Jump Trampoline Park"

Date:2019-09-20 07:16:26 click:2488

Super big trampoline park in Sichuan!

More than 1,500 square meters of large free trampoline area made by Worldstar!

Free bouncing area

The simple trampoline has been played hundreds of tricks

Come to Super Jump trampoline park

Show your true strength!

The Spider Wall

Put on special clothes

Jump from a trampoline to a special wall,

 Finally you will stick to the wall,

 Just like Spider man!

The Slam Dunk

The Donuts Slide

It utilize the gravity formed by the height difference,

To experience the fun of skiing without natural snow!

Sit on "Donuts" and slide down!

Playing tips:

1- Must wear professional trampoline socks, can bring their own, or can be purchased in the venue (10 yuan / double, non-slip and can be recycled)!

2- Empty the pockets, earrings and other sharp objects before entering the club. Valuables can be placed in the locker. Please do not bring them into the venue!

3- You must warm up before entering the market. When you fall and fall, pay attention to landing with your feet or hips!

4- Four can't. Don't land on one foot, don't head down to the ground, don't jump vertically into the sponge pool, don't chase and play!

5- There is only one person per trampoline, don't rest in the trampoline area!

6- Children under 120cm must be accompanied by parents!

7- Patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, and insufficient blood coagulation are not allowed to enter the hospital. Pregnant women and the elderly are not allowed to enter!