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WorldStar trampoline Case 丨Melbourne East Side Indoor Playground-Rainbow Town Play Centre

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In the eyes of the children, the rainbow is the most direct channel to enter the fairy tale town. If you can taste it, it may still be fruitful. The children know that they have never crossed the Rainbow Bridge and have no chance to taste it. But in Rainbow Town, it is a fairy tale town that you can see and see. It is a favorite paradise for children. Here the children have their own circle, their own team and their own home. The project is complete and fun!

Rainbow Town Play Centre Located in the southeastern part of Melbourne, it has a 3,000 square meter indoor super space! There are plenty of rides in the park, and children can play in it and never worry about crowding.

The children in the ocean ball pool can never resist the magic of the ocean ball pool, because this is the best place to make friends. When a "bad" child pushes you, you will be trapped in the mud of the ocean ball pool. Get away.In the ocean pool, not only can improve the child's physical coordination and control, but also help learnColor, points, habits, throwing, etc.

The slide must be the favorite of Xiaopenyou, and the children's limbs and body coordination are all fully exercised on the slide. A lot of play can improve the balance of children, and a good balance is the basis of athletic ability. Moreover, the slides are the first feelings of the little babies about speed!

In the two modules of the expansion zone and Ninja Road, parents can release themselves with peace of mind. Because the staff here is almost one-on-one to guide the baby, after all, the difficulty value is higher, safety first.

The climbing ground also has staff to guard every child, and the staff will carefully guide before the game.And to ensure the safety of children, but the small basin friends must believe in themselves! Here you must meet people who are as brave and determined as you are. Needless to say, the benefits of rock climbing, when children are not squatting, parents must give immediate encouragement.

The area of the trampoline is also very large, and many modules are partitioned, so that the children will not be undone and cause unnecessary danger. Everyone came to Bibi who jumped the highest.

The mission of WorldStar Amusement is to provide a safe, fun and unforgettable memory to every child of all ages!