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WorldStar trampoline Case 丨American Florida

Date:2020-03-18 10:40:43 click:1705

This trampoline park is in American Florida.

It is a comprehensive trampoline park integrating  Children playground , rock climbing ,rope adventure,Ninja course.All the equipments were produced in our factory.Our products follow American ASTM standards.

Look, this is rock climbing.

Challenge different climbing methods.

Climb to the top, you will have a greater sense of achievement!

Climbing on the climbing wall is a challenge of perseverance. Those who are not afraid of heights and have courage can challenge.Interesting climbing with professional protectors can exercise children's physical functions very well, which is a very favorite way for children.Different rock climbing blocks attract children's attention.

It's time to challenge courage and balance!

Ninja Road

It can effectively cultivate children's observation and attention, enhance flexibility, exercise upper limb muscle strength, and improve the ability of grasping hands. Wrist, elbow, shoulder and other joints can also become more flexible.

Children enjoy the ocean in the colorful pool.

The slide, starting from the sky, enjoy the fun of sliding.

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