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WorldStar indoor playground Case丨" Leisure Lagoon"

Date:2019-12-05 01:36:34 click:1933

The soul of children's playground-slide

Slides of various shapes brought countless joys to our childhood,

The moment he rushed down the slide,

All the troubles will be left behind

Slides are the soul of all amusement parks,

Also the soul of naughty fort.

Naughty castle

Naughty Castle has the characteristics of randomness, non-power, interaction and safety.

Randomness means that it is not restricted by the venue,

Can be installed in indoor, outdoor or irregular venues

Children's development area

The children's development area can cultivate children's courage,

Increase their ability to work together

Multi play in children's development area, drill, climb, slide, jump.

Let children assist brain development while training,

At the same time let children have a simple concept of social attributes.