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WorldStar indoor playground Case丨" Baccha Party"

Date:2019-11-19 11:25:41 click:1944

   With the fierce children's paradise industry, the indoor playground has the characteristics of randomness, interactivity, and no restrictions on the venue. Many investors like it. Many investment entrepreneurs choose Naughty Fort to start a business.


 Worldstar cases- "Baccha Party" was opened in Mumbai, India, it's around 400 sqm for play!There are plenty of games here, such as: trampoline area, sand pit, ball pool and so on.

Trampoline Park

Amazing Slides

Toddler Section

Sand pit

Lego Wall

Foam pit

Obstacle course

Wall climbing

 In the holiday season, Baccha Party carried out special promotions to attract more children to the indoor playground to play, and timely put in new amusement equipment to increase the freshness of the children, so that children are willing to stay in the indoor playground.

  After the business is over, Baccha Party will do a good job in cleaning the naughty castle and turn off the power in time to ensure safety hazards.