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WorldStar indoor playground Case 丨Parent-child paradise in Taiwan

Date:2020-06-30 06:54:04 click:2162

Good news!!

Worldstar new indoor playground will open in August!

This is the third play park in Taiwan from Worldstar!

The play area is around 500 sqm, and it’s a maze theme park.

Do you know what popular games in playground among kids?

The famous games are big devil slide, ball pool, all kinds of tunnel.


It’s a comprehensive paradise for kids, there are the Toddler area, Go-karting area, Rest area, Classroom and so on.

Indoor children's playgrounds and trampoline parks must have their own clear crowd positioning. The target audience for their own playground is infants, children, or teenagers. According to the unused crowd positioning, select some small and highly interactive amusement equipment. But when choosing a small-sized device, we must consider the physical and mental characteristics of the player.

For example, young children prefer small toys and colorful interactive projection games. Teenagers prefer sports and challenging stimulating entertainment projects.

The children are lively and energetic, and like to get together and play lively. The combination of a variety of equipment, colleagues who have improved the space capacity and utilization rate of the park, can also better create a lively and happy atmosphere, and stimulate children's interest and communication skills.