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WorldStar indoor playground Case 丨PaPark parent-child paradise in Shanghai

Date:2020-05-08 01:12:46 click:1637

World Star Case-Shanghai PaPark parent-child paradise officially opened at the end of December 2019!

The total area of the amusement park is 500 square meters, and the amusement projects are complete!

After Kaohsiung and Taipei PaPark paradise, this is the third playground built by World Star and PaPark paradise.

The ability to win long-term trust in PaPark paradise relies on the strict requirements of Worldstar on product quality and safety. Worldstar is strict with self-discipline and never disappoints guests!

Now the country is developing rapidly, the city is getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more high-rise buildings, but there are fewer and fewer playmates. Parents worry about the safety of their children and dare not let them go. Although there are many toys, the children are still lonely.

Nowadays, children have faced competition from the starting line since they were young. Intellectual development, physical growth, mental training, and character building are all indispensable. They have to play and learn.

The indoor children ’s playground is not only a pure entertainment occasion, but also has significant puzzle effects. Various devices fully mobilize children ’s thinking ability and imagination, invisibly help children improve their intelligence, and the development trend of children ’s indoor playground is getting better .